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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet need a bath before the portrait session?

We highly recommend you pamper your pet so they look their best at the time of the photo shoot.

Will the flash of your lights upset my pet?

Most pets (and people) have no problem with the momentary flash of a photographer’s strobe. However, if your pet is uncomfortable we are more than happy to shoot using natural light. If you know in advance that your pet does not respond well to a flash, please let us know so we can plan your shoot accordingly.

How much post production work can you do to my photo? Can my dog be in space? Would he need an astronaut costume or could you photoshop him into a scene?

We try not to allow the post processing on an image become too distracting, but if you have some creative ideas we would love to hear them.

What if my pet doesn’t like the session and wants to leave? Do you set up another session? Do you reimburse the charge?

We work hard to keep your pet comfortable and relaxed because happy pets make great photos. At the beginning of your shoot we take time to get to know your pet and allow them to become comfortable with our scents and presence. If during the shoot your pet becomes too uncomfortable or agitated to continue we allow for a one time reschedule. Session fees are non-refundable.

Does my pet have to be current on vaccines?

We require that your pet be up on all their vaccinations, including rabies.

My pet might have fleas. Do I have to cancel?

Your pet needs to be flea-free, otherwise we need to reschedule.

What if my dog bites you? Am i responsible?

We are insured and take full responsibility for our chosen line of work. Nips and cat scratches come with the territory. However, if your pet becomes overly aggressive we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the shoot at your expense.

Do you offer discounts for repeat business or for people who get their friends and family to book a session?

Absolutely! We offer great gifts when you refer a friend and repeat customers receive a $200 product credit!


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