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Here’s Jasper, the rock star Pointer.  He was a little camera shy, but his attitude is so awesome it couldn’t help but shine through.  Of course, his great looks don’t hurt either.


Meet Rigel, a beautiful Australian Shepherd we had the pleasure of photographing.  He’s a show dog, in case you couldn’t tell. He made our jobs easy, and was one of the most well behaved dogs we’ve worked with.

Atomic Pet Portraits

Luigi Riding a T-Rex

As much as we love taking pictures, we enjoy creating other things too.  Ash has compiled a ton of recipes and is in the middle of creating the world’s greatest cookbook.  She’s also been teaching herself how to crochet.  I just brewed a batch of honey ginger beer, and am continually perfecting my own recipe for the best homemade pickles.  My most recent creative undertaking is paper crafting, and it’s possible it’s starting to get out of control.  This is my latest creation.  What sort of things do you like to make?

Luigi riding a T-Rex

OK Go = Awesome

One take. All rescue dogs. 100% of profits donated to the ASPCA. These guys are my heroes.